Sacks of Hope

The Challenge

As a result of the pandemic, nearly six in 10 families said they are struggling to cover the cost of three or more basic essentials, including food, utilities, rent, travel or child-related costs. Around half of all families said they have a new or worse debt problem.

A high and rising proportion of low-income families have also experienced a mental or physical health problem as a result of the pandemic.

The Solution

Through our Christmas Sacks of Hope initiative, we provide sacks of groceries to underprivileged families in the UK, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia and Pakistan. 

Every sack includes vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, sweets, a whole chicken and many more goodies costing around £23.

We work with local schools and Churches who tell us which of their families would benefit most from our sacks and we deliver to them at Christmas.

How you can help

Because of the pandemic, demand for our sacks has been considerably higher compared to previous years and as much as we would like to help everyone, our small budget won’t allow us.

With your help and support however, we can reach more families in need.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

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