Q1 2022 Newsletter

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1. India Water Pump

We started our first Clean Water & Sanitation project in India by building a hand pump in the village of Gobindapur, West Bengal. Over 30 families will now have a safe, readily accessible source of clean and potable water.
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2. We’ve been featured in the Bicester Gazette

Our Christmas Sacks of Hope project which last year supplied groceries to more than 600 families in the UK, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia and Pakistan was recognised in the local Gazette.
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3. We opened our 4th school

In February we opened our 4th school in Uganda which currently teaches 80 pupils in 5 groups and we aim to see more than 150 of them walk through the doors next year.
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4. New earth well in Pakistan

Our most recent earth well installed in rural Pakistan will provide clean drinking water for several families in the village who won't need to worry about waterborne diseases which take nearly half a million lives every year.
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5. #EndPeriodPoverty

Our latest initiative in Uganda, trains young girls to sew washable and reusable sanitary pads made from a high-tech polyester fabric that allows them to be super absorbent and quick to dry.
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6. Amazon Smile


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