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Transforming Futures:
The Home of Hope in Pakistan

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In the heart of Pakistan, a silent struggle continues to unfold. Many families, particularly within the Christian community, find themselves ensnared in a cycle of debt and despair, tethered to the brick factories that exploit their labour under harsh conditions. Children, the most vulnerable of all, are forced into labour, denied their right to education, and, with it, the chance for a brighter future. They toil in severe weather, earning barely enough to survive, while the dreams of childhood and education remain just that—dreams.

At the Mehiel Foundation, we believe in the power of change, the strength of hope, and the undeniable right of every child to education, safety, and well-being. Our vision is to break the chains of generational curses, to lift these children out of the depths of despair and into the light of opportunity. We envision a sanctuary—a home not just of walls and roofs but of dreams, aspirations, and possibilities.

Our Dream: Building a Home of Hope

Imagine a place where laughter replaces tears, where learning takes the place of labour, and where every child is free to dream. This is the vision we are bringing to life in Pakistan—a home akin to a children’s hostel, where the persecuted and the impoverished can find refuge, respect, and the chance to rewrite their futures.

This home will be more than just a shelter. It will be a beacon of hope, strategically located close to a school to ensure that education is not just a possibility but a priority. Here, children will find:

  • Comfortable Sleeping Quarters: Each room will house 4 to 6 children, offering them the warmth of a home they’ve never known.
  • A Place of Learning: Freed from the shackles of labour, every child will have the opportunity to pursue education, to dream, and to aspire.
  • Nutritious Meals and Clean Water: Essential for their health and growth, hot running water and nutritious food will be a staple, ensuring they have the strength to learn and grow.
  • A Path to a Brighter Future: Beyond immediate needs, our goal is to equip these children with the tools they need to break free from the cycle of poverty and despair, offering them a chance at a future they dare to dream of.

The Plan in Action

Our plan is concrete and actionable. By constructing a home designed as a hostel, we’re creating a safe haven where children can live, learn, and be nurtured towards a better future. This home will be their stepping stone towards emancipation from the bonds of debt and forced labour. It will be a place where education is the doorway to freedom and where every child can aspire to be more.

How You Can Help

This vision is ambitious but within our reach—with your help. Your support can help transform this vision into reality. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Donate: Every contribution brings us closer to building the home of hope. No amount is too small to make a difference.
  • Spread the Word: Share our vision with your network. Awareness is the first step towards change.
  • Volunteer: If you’re moved by our mission and have skills to offer, join us. Together, we can make a profound impact.

Join Us in This Journey of Hope

At Mehiel Foundation, we’re committed to changing lives, one child at a time. But we can’t do it alone. Join us in this noble cause. Together, we can offer these children a sanctuary of hope, education, and a future they rightfully deserve. Your support can help build a world where every child can dream of a better tomorrow.

Donate now and be a part of their journey to freedom and a brighter future.

Together, we can break the cycle. Together, we can build a future.

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