7 Days for 7 Pounds

Can you survive one week on £7 like the 1.3 billion people experiencing chronic hunger every day?

Take on the challenge today!

What is the '7 Days For 7 Pounds' Challenge

More than 1.3 billion people live on less the £1 a day, 7 Days For 7 Pounds is an experiential food challenge from Mehiel Foundation daring you to live for a whole week on £7 like the people facing chronic hunger around the world.

The challenge lasts for 7 days. On each day, either as an individual or team, you will live on £1 or less just like the people facing chronic hunger around the world, sharing your experiences and fundraising to support our work. By taking part, you will be taking action to end hunger for good.

Whilst we can never recreate what the experience is like for people living in chronic hunger, this challenge gives us the opportunity to understand, to a small extent, what life might be like for them. Crucially, the decisions they may have to make and the impact malnutrition can have on their lives.

How to take on the challenge

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1 – Choose 7 days
Select 7 consecutive days to take on the 7 Days For 7 Pounds challenge. On each day you will spend no more than £1 on food and drinks.

2 – Set up your fundraising page
Set up your Just Giving page here:

Share your fundraising page with friends, family, colleagues and your wider network to support you on your challenge. Aim to raise a minimum of £100.

3 – Buy your ingredients
Buy your fresh produce either one day at a time or purchase the groceries for the entire 7 days challenge.

4 – Get cooking and spread the word!
Document your challenge on social media. Share pictures of your ingredients and meals as well as your experience throughout the day.

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Giving is not just about making a donation.

It is about making a difference.